For Your Eyes Only

The fantasy you've freed in me

Mia Fantasia


November 27th, 2009


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01.) Full name? Mia Fantasia. She never got jokes about the name, though, since it's common in Italy and she hasn't travelled much.
02.) Best friend? Arianna was her best friend, but she was recently killed by the same men after Mia. So she's a loner right now.
03.) Sexuality? Heterosexual.
04.) Favorite color? Lavendar, because she thinks it brings out her eyes.
05.) Relationship status? Single. She hasn't had a real relationship, unless you want to count her affair with Count Giulio di Vicenzo.
06.) Ideal mate? Someone who can take care of her. Someone who likes sex. Someone who can be romantic, protective, and give her what she likes and needs.
07.) Turn-ons? Making love on fur rugs.
08.) Last sexual experience? A one night stand with a poet who she thought was sweet.
09.) Favorite food? White truffles and espresso.
10.) Crushes? She's never had a real crush on anyone since she's never had a real relationship yet.
11.) Favorite music? Laura Pausini, the Queen of Italian Pop!
12.) Biggest fear? Death.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Falling in love for the first time.
14.) Quirks in bed? Mia is very sexually knowledgable, but sometimes because of her youth pretends not to be for the man's benefit, if it suits her needs. Other than that, nothing really major just yet.
15.) Bad habits? Keeping herself emotionally closed off from people, thanks to Arianna's death.
16.) Biggest regret? Stealing Tracy's money from Giulio. She's glad she did it, but it feels wrong to her now somehow.
17.) Best kept secrets? She knew all of Giulio's money dealings, since he talked a lot in bed with her.
18.) Last thought? "I hope he will help me."
19.) Worst sexual experience? A few one night stands here and there in an attempt to make herself feel more secure.
20.) Biggest insecurity? Being poor and alone, the way she was before Giulio found her.
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